And now the internet has officially been blown up. What was once an old throwaway Drake track that once featured Nutt Da Kidd (what is a Nutt Da Kidd anyway?) has now been turned into an all-star who’s who of artists, all thanks to LeBron James and his More Than A Game documentary. Of course, this is the unfinished not mastered version so the final version should be out sometime tomorrow.

UPDATE: Speaking of which, just about a year ago another MONSTER track called “Swagger Like Us” came out and had the internet in a tizzy (and Atlantic Records pissed off). The original version had a different T.I. verse which you can hear here. I’m personally glad he re-wrote it, otherwise I’d have to rethink my entire who went harder (pause) on the track.

UPDATE #2: Final version. I swear I have to post more than just new music. Sike!

Props to the NWC per usual.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Forever (featuring Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne & Eminem)