Ah, some original content. It kind of gets boring posting what everybody else posts so why not go for something of your own? After going through the relationship game and the flirting game in the 21st century, it’s obvious if you’re looking to date somebody you met on a social network (like you haven’t skimmed through a bunch of Facebook pictures to make SURE someone looked good), you’re going to take a few pictures. Maybe something skimpy, something cute and if somebody’s really earned your trust – a little not work safe.

All I’m saying is, there’s a set of do’s and a set of don’t to this style of flirting.

I think I can say for a lot of people, the whole “camera phone” craze cut through all that chatter of “I wonder what he/she looks naked” because it was simple. Folks would ask for a pic and boom, no more than twenty seconds later, people got their wish. Now the whole voyeur thing has bloomed so big that well, even catching a titty these days isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Well, new titty isn’t but that’s besides the point.

As soon as the UStream thing became a big thing and Twitter blew up and people became more and more open with themselves, folks just started going all out with showing themselves.

What used to be a “keep this between me & you” thing has now gone global with voyeurs and exhibitionist going straight to their computers to show off their goods. Yes, Spectacular of Pretty Ricky got no clicks from me but best believe that mess was a laughing stock among women everywhere.

If you’re going to put yourself out there like that, please for my sake do this:

Keep It Sexy: There are ways of keeping it sexy by taking pictures or doing what you think another person will find sexy. Don’t be boring, I don’t think any man would wanna see a woman in a pair of granny panties and no woman in her right mind would attempt to bat eyelashes at a guy with a bird chest or slightly chubby.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Bathroom? Cool. Dorm room or bed room? Alright, that works. This below? Oh hell naw.


I’m sorry, but nobody wants to see their BABY’S PICTURES posted up while you’re trying to be all sexy and pose for the cam. There’s something terribly wrong when you try to show somebody how phat your ass is when you’re looking at little Terrell’s Honor Roll plaque in the background. While everyone wants to get their Kim Kardashian/Rihanna/Amber Rose on, at least these folks had the sense to do it in a hotel room or a beach. And even though you look good in front of the camera, when they do y’know “normal flirt things like this”, theirs will be scrutinized and googled by about 17,000 horny boys (and maybe girls, even my mother was confused looking at one chick while my dad was in the hospital). Good news for you is – you only have to worry about one.

Stay Away From Using T-Mobile: So, you wanna send a Twit Pic to a girl you’ve been trying to get with for a few weeks because you physically look good and think she should date you. You go and grab your Blackberry and snap off a photo of you in front of the mirror flexing your abs and slowing slight hints at your manhood. You send it to the girl and she sends all sorts of winks and smiley faces and compliments but there’s one thing you forgot about you T-Mobile user: Your home shot suggestive picture? It’s on the net.

Yep, T-Mobile has this new feature called Mobile Life and My Mobile which in turn takes every little thing you’ve ever done on your Blackberry video or photo wise and it’s right there for you to see. So while you thought you could have snapped a pic and deleted it, the phone company has decided to Peep Show your ass and take your photo for maybe the world to see.

Which is maybe one of the few reasons why I stay with Verizon’s expensive asses.

Oh and one more thing.

The Sextape Rule: Admit it, you’ve thought about making one. For all the women and men who think their “sex game” is the shit – here is few rules for you too.

Put it like this, you don’t want to be boring, you don’t want the person you’re filming to be unaware (which makes for a case either way it goes) and you don’t want it to be in the darkest room in the house (then it isn’t a sex tape, it’s two human owls making slight movements over K-Ci & JoJo). You’ve seen Ray J hit it on camera, seen Eve get touched up by a dude for like 20 seconds, waited for Hoopz to finally just let her sextape get out and can fantasize in your wildest dreams about how Insert Name X gets down.

But if you get down…

Don’t Try To Make It A Porno: Just because you’re on camera doesn’t mean you can pull off your Super Piledriver Crusher move on your gal. Nor does it mean ladies that you can hold your man’s head in the face down position until he can no longer breathe. It’s you and your mate just doing what you do best in the bedroom. No need to get extravagant or out of the ordinary. Don’t get the candles or the bubble bath – or even have 45 minutes of talking followed by five minutes of sex, wait three minutes of actual sex because the first two would be foreplay.

And if I hear somebody leaking a tape with Brian McKnight’s “Anytime” playing in the background…hell naw. Man law that.