Y’know, for a video that came out sometime in 2003-2004 – some of the message still rings true. Except some have been taken to way worse extremes. Like our good friend Keyshia Cole for example.


Really, why Keyshia? We enjoyed the classy new you – even though I think I’d still take the “I Changed My Mind” & “I Shoulda Cheated” you. Keep the “Love” version though, I hate that song with a passion. You even decided to give your mother and your sister their own show of craziness – and then you just have to go and throw all that good new-new about you and come back to your version of “normal”. And I already know what most fans are going to say, oh Keyshia got that “Oakland swag”!

If “Oakland Swag” is anything close to this video above, I’d wish it on nobody. And this isn’t a diss to Oakland, but more of a wake up call to everybody. Ol’ patron and swag asses. Or hopefully somebody doesn’t whoop her hair dresser the way those six women up top did that one woman.

No “swag” is original is more like it.