MCDFEBU EC004One of the best comedy movies ever. True story.

Let’s see, there was the Arkham Asylum demo being played, the discussion of my random thoughts, another list of women who I deemed save-able that was good. The bad? Try a twenty hour work weekend, understanding that the actions of the opposite sex will legitimately kill your drive for attempt to try another one, VY being terrible right now in the Hall of Fame Game and well, I’m just slightly aggravated from hearing the same things repeated to me only for things to be flipped. (Yeah, me saying this might be a stretch but I’m still saying it).

We must be wrapping up the week again. 🙂

Before I start, I must tell everyone to not attempt to bother with G.I. Joe. I wished for it to be 90 minutes of pure action and cheesy one liners just like the cartoon show. Thanks to Mr. Fantastic for forewarning me – it’s 9.50 I’ll gladly save. And I’ll speak enough for myself whenever the time warrants it – trust me.

The world lost John Hughes this past week and if you don’t know what he directed, I’m not suggesting to kill yourself but you should at least know Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (picture above), Sixteen Candles & The Breakfast Club. Plus, he wrote Home Alone & Home Alone 2 (two of Kap’n’s fav. movies)

In a short week, well a short posting week, I found something which was kind of odd, all things considered. They found a new strain of HIV in gorillas. Yes, gorillas. I always thought if anybody got really close to a gorilla you couldn’t really have a chance to have sex with it due to the fact that a gorilla should beat your ass on pure instinct. The internets went absolutely bezerk when the Blueprint 3 tracklist got released and subsequently the “classic” word got dropped around (like any “new” Jay-Z release) just because it was majority of Kanye producing.

Speaking of Kanye, our boy went on yet another rant this past week and yes, these things happen for real (see Glow in the Dark 2008 in Houston.) So much stuff got aired out – Airplane flights. OJ. MJ. The fuckin’ media. The fuckin’ TV. Computers. Water bottles. TMZ. Fallin’ icons. (c. YN)

Also, TheEgpytianOne celebrated her 21st birthday (twice) and all of her “friends” came out to enjoy the festivities. I missed it due to my own self imposed ban on clubs (really, I see not that much fun in standing around, bumping into the same people, possibly getting stomped on by a frat strut and watching the same slightly unattractive/attractive people dance). Now, playing the music for those said people is an entirely different story. I dunno, maybe I need to venture to a 21 & Up finally. Also, the most important man in America also celebrated his birthday too, without getting his health care bill passed. Which begs the question, who ever wished George Bush a Happy Birthday while he was in office?

Chris Rock’s Good Hair trailer got released and if the premise isn’t enough for you to go out and finally support a Chris Rock movie then I don’t know what the brother has to do. This is no longer the day and age where comedy specials get full feature film treatment (last one I know of was Martin Lawrence’s RunTelDat. Plus, who is to tell me that Young Dro really isn’t the flyest rapper out right now? I mean seriously, this nigga’s crayon box is so full with colors that he’d paint the most high def rainbow ever.

There were three major YouTube crazes in my lifetime at UH: this, this, & then there is Reh Dogg. Honorable mention goes to this as well. I still think he’s writing his rhymes at Frenchy’s. Also on the side of YouTube hilarity, we’ve got Pastor Kerney Thomas going to the extreme to make sure you know HIS powers are felt. If I ever watch something on YouTube more than once, I’m seriously watching it until I grow tired of it and watching a preacher go SS4 is fucking hilarious.

We got some good music from Chamillionaire in what is to be the last edition of Mixtape Messiah 7. Personally, I’m glad he’s moving on to brighter pastures. I mean, we’ve got the D.O.A.C. running around and chopped up R&B from OG Ron C to give tribute to Michael Jackson’s love for the ladies – you’ve got to do something new (which is hard to pull off in hip-hop. A deaf rapper, maybe.)

But I can’t leave the week alone without mentioning Diddy and his newfound “parenting” skills, how fat does somebody good in a sticky situation, a PSA on the State of Hip-Hop from Nick Cannon of all people, the white women getting some love from me, how stupid people can be when they’re famous and mutha-fuckin’ House Party.

Another week – and I’m happy to say that in three months I’ve almost pulled off 3,000 views. Let’s keep it goin’.