Trey Songz – Successful (featuring Drake) [Video]

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3326674&w=425&h=350&fv=] Yep. This is the Trey version which is on his album Ready which is in stores right now. The one you’re used to hearing on the radio is on that mixtape I’m sure you’ve heard of. Props to Jake Davis for the visuals.

D.O.S. (Death of Spiderman)

This is Anti-Web Slinger.

“As Real As It Gets…”

As a blogger, there’s two things I can seemingly count on when it comes to music releases. One is unquestionable love/hate and a lot of e-thuggin’ claiming that you’d whup somebodies ass when you do most of your type behind a computer screen. The other is the album being leaked two weeks ahead of time, […]

Sunday Wrap-Up [Vol. 9]

While it was nothing like this, it still was pretty cool. Two things before I kick off this wrap-up. A) The Luma Light Show includes two things. One, if it’s at Miller Outdoor then you had better show up like six hours ahead of time and beware civilians who don’t know that cars are in […]

Rest In Peace: Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein

I don’t know, it’s been a weird ass summer to say the least and in some even stranger news, DJ AM almost past away not too long ago in the plane crash that he and Travis Barker survived a year ago. After looking at my play cousin Megan’s FB page, I knew that it wasn’t […]

Throwback Friday: New Orleans Bounce Edition

Before Atlanta had the “new dance” scene on lock, it was New Orleans. Hot Boy Ronald, Choppa Style, the list can go on. Besides, good way to start off Friday.

When Athletes Go Stupid: Brandon Marshall Edition

Thank God I probably won’t have to deal with you come Fantasy Football season. And sorry Manny, but your Broncos may not be going anywhere this year. Now, why do I consider Mr. Marshall to flat out stupid? There’s a variety of reasons. Like the constant domestic violence issues (he just got cleared of one […]

PS3: “It Only Does Everything” Commercial (Video)

Dear Sony, Fuck you. I’m still riding with my 360. Signed, Brandon. Apparently there’s another ad under the cut but let’s be clear. Just because you HAVE a PS3 right now doesn’t mean you have to try and push the idea that it’s a better system, because you fail in the argument time and time […]

Aaliyah – Baby Girl: The Best of Aaliyah (Mixtape)

Do I really need to explain why this is a must have mixtape? Alright fine.

Why I Consider Myself a Pretentious Asshole (Sometimes)

We all love lists, of all kinds. Remember Slam Books in middle/high school that listed who was this and who was that and people would get sixth times upset if they felt they were jilted? Yes, you do. Put it like this, some folks wait to make the Dean’s List in college. Others wait to […]



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