If you haven’t heard Eminem’s scathing diss back to Mariah Carey after the “Obsessed” video she put out as a first single for her new album, you are in for a treat. Four minutes of focused venom aimed at Nick Cannon and his wife and you know – I can’t blame Marshall for this one.

After watching the premire of Funny People with the MWC last night, I’m certain that if you really piss Eminem off, you’ll get every bit of him and that’s what Mariah did. I mean, even Em dropped it after he wrote Bagpipes From Baghdad off of Relapse because he felt it was too funny that Nick would simp so low and get her name tattooed on his back in giant letters (note, Jermaine Dupri made a similar play over Janet Jackson and we all know how that turned out). Plus, I’m sorry but if you deny something went on between you and someone else and you have the EVIDENCE to back that it did go down, just admit it happened and move on.

Delusional? There are taped confessions, possible Rihanna like photos out there among other things. Not to mention the fact that Em ussed a throwaway track on Relapse and this heffer decided to use her first SINGLE with a VIDEO to talk shit about dude (and looked really creepy while doing it). I’d never want to call someone a liar, especially if I know that person is point blank one of the most unapologetical rappers in the world today.

So, judge for yourself. Shouts to 2DBz for the link.

DOWNLOADEminem – The Warning (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Diss)

Lyrics as well. Thanks EgyptianOne.