brandonmadmen.jpgThe frestest “brotha” in the room.

A show I should have caught on from the jump is Mad Men on A&E. That and I kind of like my banner right now, “the only fly black guy in the room” lol. And since my pops decided to let the movie channels go and I have to try and surf the internet looking for the new season of Entourage, this will be my guilty pleasure show of the new Fall TV season.

What? Just because I’m not on Tiny & Toya, the next season of [Insert Reality Star] of Love, or watching T.O. be T.O., I’m a little off? I watch ESPN for enough gossip and BS about that man, I don’t need it transferred to a reality show. Give me some good ass documentaries, some sports (I am a guy), some cartoons and some funny ass comedy series and I’m good. Reality TV? GTFOH.