Yeah, if you saw UFC 100 last night (or if you’re a wrestling fan) – you now know who Brock Lesnar is. Even after the fight last night in which he literally WHUPPED Frank Mir’s ass, he ended up turning heel on the fans who basically turned on him thinking Mir legitly beat Brock first go round. I dare you to look at Mir’s face from last night and tell me differently.

There’s a lot to recap but we all know what went down this week. Plus, after the jump, a plethora of music!

Let me take a breath first.

The future seed of a martain was revealed to the world, well a bump more or less. Mike had his memorial and there were flowers to be handed out. We also found out that LeBron still has a little bitch in him and that the President likes to look at them from behind.

Not to mention the fact that there’s just some things in the world (well, according to me that you need to know). That and my crew will whup your ass in taboo.

So here we go to start another week off right – new music from Rich Boy, Fabolous & an artist who apparently you can’t post ANYWHERE (so says Atlantic Records).

Rich Boy

01. You Betta Go Hard (2:08)
02. Put Me In The Game (2:25)
03. Re-Elected Interlude (0:30)
04. Kool-Aid, Kush & Convertibles (featuring Skapio) (3:01)
05. Convertible Status (2:17)
06. Come And Get Me (featuring Fiend) (4:41)
07. I’m A Fool Wit It (featuring Lo) (3:05)
08. Don Dada (featuring Young Dose) (3:42)
09. How We Rockin Interlude (0:30)
10. Country Club (1:52)
11. Drop Top [Remix] (featuring Al Myte & Supa Villain)(3:51)
12. Count Dem 100s (featuring OJ Da Juiceman & Al Myte) (5:12)
13. Send For Me (2:44)
14. Buried Alive Outro (0:22)
15. I’m In Love (2:32)
16. It’s Over (3:16)
17. F*ck Boy (featuring Gangsta Boo) (3:43)
18. Grown And Sexy (4:01)
19. Where It’s At (featuring Gorilla Zoe & Gucci Mane) (4:53)

DOWNLOAD: Rich Boy – Kool-Aid, Kush & Convertibles


DOWNLOAD: Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (featuring Ryan Leslie & Keri Hilson)
DOWNLOAD: Salute (featuring Lil’ Wayne)
DOWNLOAD: Last Time (featuring Trey Songz)


01. Welcome Back To The Trap (Exclusive)
02. Don’t Give Up (Exclusive)
03. That’s What I Thought (Exclusive)
04. All The Time (featuring Bun B) (Exclusive)
05. Bread Up (featuring Scarface & Keri Hilson) (Exclusive)
06. Magic (featuring Robin Thicke) (Exclusive)
07. Make You Sweat
08. All Nite
09. Good Loving (featuring Mary J. Blige)
10. Remember Me (featuring Mary J. Blige)
11. Way That You Want It
12. Living A Lie
13. Hell Of A Life
14. Big Shit Poppin
15. What You Know
16. Top Back
17. A.S.A.P.
18. 24’s
19. Lets Get Away

DOWNLOAD: T.I. – T.I.P Drill

Props to TSS for the Fabolous drops, keep it up!