Here’s the thing, and I’ve learned this from working at SAM’S. One, don’t ever stay out late when you have to work the next morning. Two, feed yourself when you have to get up that damn early.

Now, here’s the fun part – whenever the MWC is involved – you already know that one of those rules shall be broken.

For starters, four members of the MWC (me, Mr. Fantastic, B. Max & Kapn’ Kirk) got the chance to go to a Game Night/Potluck over by UH. After hearing about the first one (attended by Swag 4.0 and Kapn’ Kirk), I made it an almost personal mission just to attend and to at least be there on time (I’m notoriously late for these events, lol). Swag was out of the state (family reunion). So we’re driving down around MLK and we try to spot the house. Only problem is, Kapn’ is too busy getting upset over the fact he missed the Mexico/Panama soccer game from Thursday night (something he had NO concern with in the first place) and since he had the damn directions, of course the driver wanted to really know.

So instead of getting there directly, we find ourselves going through the tradtional “gun store, gun store, liquor store, gun store routine”, except subsititue the guns and liquor for dogs, halfway decent houses and one guy looking fully upset that we drove by. First off, you’re working on a car with one light – ONE working light. Then the awesome joke of many was made:

“Look, we’ve got two G1’s, [my phone], and what do you have Caldwell? A Voyager? Yeah, all combined are worth more than that damn car. Well, maybe not your phone Caldwell but still.”

Who knew the best looking house on the block would be our destination? It was the rose from concrete, something that looked nothing like the others and was modern as hell. So when we arrive, we say our hellos, bring in the pizza we ordered and begin to eat, unaware that a few folks would be bringing beer, and claim my neck of the woods yet act like they’re from Dallas. Which led to more beer, and hardly any games besides pool being played. Put it like this, B. Max and Kapn’ got led around the house on a tour (besides, Kapn’ was nearly gone after a Corona.) If you get led on a tour by the mother of the host, then you know it isn’t that damn fun.

So, we intially left and headed to UH, and the game of pool. And I’ll let you know this now, Kapn’ is Rainman when it comes to pool after he drinks. This is a warning for ANYBODY who plays him when he isn’t sober – don’t do it. Dustin Hoffman has nothing on that man when it comes to pool and alcohol.

While we were finishing up pool and B. Max and Mr. Fantastic going back and forth over two games of basketball, we get the text asking if we would come back and we did, hopefully helping restore order. Let it be known, the MWC usually is the reason why some things just happen and we’ve saved parties before. But according to Swag 4.0, I don’t think we’ve ever saved someone else from experiencing a Monkey Wrench of their own.

Well, there’s a night for firsts.

We returned, the niggadom had started to leave and everything was slowly returning to normal (or rather, the intentions of what you do on a Game Night). So, Taboo had already started but the guys were losing. We come in, almost get the rules flipped on us and still walk out of there with a win (technically twice). Afterwards, I had to make my exit due having to get up for work at 7 AM and then the joke of the night was made.

Me: “Hey Kirk, don’t take all the girls when we leave.”
The Girls: “He won’t!”

Ether for that ass.