By now, you should be aware that I am a Jay-Z fan. Also, I happen to be a fan of The Game by a little bit. Not too much to call myself a net thug who can recite all of his lyrics from the heart, but I’m aware that he is DECENT when he wants to be.

However, there’s just something about Game and his wackiness that I can’t believe – which brings us here, Game dissing Jay-Z, apparently for real.

If you didn’t know what Game was about, I’ll break it down, box quote and all.

Name Dropping.
Reaching & Failing.

Game loves Jay-Z, considers him a legend and all that. Game also sneak disses Jay on the side, way too often. Jay brushes Game off and leaves him alone and actually still hopes the dude can blow up. However, Game doesn’t like Jay-Z for whatever reason (success can be one) and after what Jay spit during a freestyle in Chicago promoting the upcoming Blueprint 3, Game has gone international, getting Spainards to say “Fuck Jay-Z” and even upping the ante with this little diss track. Taking Max B’s stance and attempting to ride the wave.

I’m waiting for Takeover 2.

Good luck Jayceon, you Bi-Polar ass negro you.

DOWNLOAD: The Game – I’m So Wavy (Jay-Z Diss)