Like you didn’t know men love to try to attempt to save those who cannot be saved.

Here is a small list of things that are just fact, or bullshit that came from me that you may really have to believe. According to me but you’ll agree to some and hate some others but shit, if you do – tell me!


1. All Men Are Gay Slightly Homosexual. (Way of dress, actions, pause, no homo, list goes on.)


2. Twiter is the bane of existence. (‘Nuff said.)


3. Hoes cannot be saved, yet any man would be willing to try once. (Eddie Winslow marrying Superhead, anyone?)


4. People sadly cannot cut loose from long, drawn out, impossible to satisfy relationships. (Masochism at its finest.)


5. Black men either love their women really light (yellow or redbone) or another race. Unless we’re talking about Oprah. (I know I’ll catch hate for it but really – look at entertainers and even YOUR tendencies in dating.)


6. To keep the African-American race from ever achieving anything (except for those slight few) – put it in a book, or call it “politics”. (True. The more you become unaware, the more people can get over on you.)


7. Old white people can’t be trusted. Period. (Except when they want to raise stalking awareness)


8. There needs to be a reverse black Hooters franchise. (Keep the uniforms, more emphasis on ass.)


9. There are millions of followers in the world, but few leaders. (Look at your culture and tell me I’m wrong.)


10. TVOne > BET.