The formula for Lil’ Wayne now-a-days before you involve syrup, autotune, some drugs and some off the wall lyrics involves women. Wayne smashes chick. Chick gets pregnant & has baby. The funny part is that I really HOPE that the children of Dwayne Carter don’t look like this once they’re born:

But now, I gotta ask – does Wayne really live out his songs?

UPDATE: Now there’s physical proof of a future Gremlin seed running around. SMH.

I mean, I get the other chick he got pregnant to get Wayne Jr. (jump off) and then the Lauren London rumors just came out of nowhere (after her statements regarding her taste in men “I loved Caine from Menace to Society” – she lost a point to me. Caine DIED smart ass!) and now, former girlfriend/Dream’s ex-wife Nivea just announced that she’s preggers by guess who?

Weezy F. Baby.

And they’re supposedly getting married.

I dunno if this is a publicity stunt to off set all that Dream/Christina Milian b.s. but damn, I mean I know Wayne and Dream were sending shots at one another (“Someting You Forgot” & “Nikki” two clear subliminals) but is Nivea really looking for a hit? Or is Wayne doing what we’ve all been singing, “I just want to fuck every girl in the world”?

And if you didn’t believe the Lauren London is preggers…here ya go.


Doubt me now.