I know death has been a hot topic recently but I mean, even Billy Mays caught the Grim Reaper around the corner today. It’s just kind of crazy how you can’t take nothing for granted.

Oh, and Transformers basically killed the box-office this week from Wednesday to Sunday, pulling in $200 million in five days. The Friday sums were really low compared to Dark Knight from last year ($158 million Friday to Sunday.

BTW, I’ll be re-blogging the BET Awards diary on Tuesday (since I missed some performances and EVEN POISON FROM BELL BIV DEVOE! I wanted to do the Roger Rabbit and the Bobby Brown Dance to that so damn bad.) I mean, Jay-Z finally cut his damn hair, Don Cornelius arrived out of his hyperbolic time chamber and even though its supposed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson, the fuckery that happens to be some of our black youth just won’t EVEN let a good night come to fruition.

Speaking of Jay, the D.O.A. video drops after the awards, which will probably be the last appearence of the sham that is that nigga’s hair grown like he never met a brush/comb/beyonce’s mane stylist. And also, who in Heaven finally gave BET the rights to have HD? Is it me or was that shit a long time coming? Now you folks at home can see the fuckery with special effects. SMH.

Now I’ll sit back and wonder who the hell does Joe Jackson’s eyebrows.