Fifteen years ago, Orenthal James Simpson captured America’s short ass attention span and held it hostage for the better part of two years. On this date in 1994, OJ went in his white Bronco, sat in the backseat with a gun to his head and led the Los Angeles police department through one of the slowest chases I’ve ever seen.

I was seven and had more focus on the fact that the Rockets were in the NBA Finals against the Knicks.

But all I want to know for the most part is, do you really care now fifteen years ago that this brother was on the run for killing two white people and got off thanks to some bad ass lawyer named Johnnie Cochran? I still say he got set up in Las Vegas. I mean, can you call it stealing if the folks CALL YOU and say, “We’ve got your shit, come and get it?”

Oh well, let’s just all remember the fact that as soon as OJ got off, every corrupt white person who had power began really looking for a black man to go to jail. Dave Chappelle was right, we did celebrate that OJ thing a little TOO openly. As evident by Family Guy.

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