And here we go again.

I don’t know if anybody’s up to date on the South’s version of Tupac & Biggie but I’ll give you a rundown on this one.

Gucci Mane featured Jeezy on his breakut hit “So Icy”. Each one argued whether or not the song belonged to them. Gucci came out on top but Jeezy stole the show. Disses got tossed around, including Jeezy’s “Stay Strapped” freestyle.

Jeezy put a bounty on Gucci’s chain, culminating with one of Jeezy’s associates dead and Gucci Mane charged with the crime. Lack of evidence and the case got dropped.

Since then, Gucci’s taken over Lil’ Wayne’s work ethic with mixtapes (quantity wise yes, quality…eh) and Jeezy’s still hot. However, all over some stupid “the hood know me” type of stuff, Jeezy still feels like he has something to prove, especially with a (gasp) new album about to drop in Thug Motivation 103.

Nothing motivates the thugs like some ignorant ass beef. Produced by Shawty Redd.

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – 24/23